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Artist Raqib Shaw on making a house a home

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Artist Raqib Shaw On Making A House A Home

To celebrate our latest Townhouse Collection of home candles inspired by our Georgian Townhouse, we’ve partnered with Frieze to snoop round the homes of craftspeople we admire. Artist Raqib Shaw shows us around his striking home, where he explores the contrasts between urban living and a love for greenery; inviting the outside in to make his house a home.

Born in Calcutta, Raqib grew up in Kashmir and New Delhi before making London home in the 1990’s. He combines iconography from the East and West, drawing on inspiration from mythology, poetry and theatre. His paintings are intricate lessons in craftmanship, made with enamel and metallic industrial pains, embossed in gold using the technique cloisonné found in early Asian pottery. This enthusiasm for minute detail and love for ethereal scenes creates an enchanted feel of a hidden home amidst a secret garden.

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