Our Sustainable Practice

We know that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and to take a considered approach when creating our products. It’s a work in progress but we are committed to do better, working to center responsible practices that lessen our environmental impact at the heart of our company. Kindness is woven through the fabric of everything we do; from recycled and recyclable packaging, to our commitment to making products in facilities that celebrate the use of renewable energy and seek to reduce emissions, to better transparency around our responsibly sourced ingredients and respect for local communities and the environment. We are constantly reviewing our sustainability standards to ensure they are ever evolving. And, as a company with a proud British heritage, we are determined to deepen our commitment to Made in Britain through our production and ingredient selection.

Our Environmental & Social Commitment

The natural world will forever be our muse and we hope to play a part in protecting it. We understand that the way we operate can impact society and the environment and are working with our manufacturing facility, Whitman Laboratories to harness solar power to generate energy and reduce CO2 emissions in the manufacturing of our products; better managing our impact and following best practice. With the support of our parent company, we have signed the Renewable Energy 100 pledge to source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2020. In 2019, 100% of global manufacturing sites sent zero industrial waste to landfill, while 85% of global distribution sites sent zero industrial waste to landfill.

We want you to feel confident that Jo Malone London products have been produced under acceptable conditions, so we ensure that our third-party supplies comply with our Code of Conduct. We seek out suppliers that are transparent, safe and fair. When it comes to sourcing the raw materials used in our products, we do our utmost to make sure these are from sustainable entities. We know that there is more we can do, and are working to develop an ethical and responsible framework for sourcing where the use of sustainable materials is respectful to local communities and their traditional practices.

In order to champion progress and continue on our journey of improvement, we recognise that we must embrace education and commit to challenging perceptions and practices. We are therefore proud members of various organisations allowing us to implement key learnings and share in new processes and practices to guarantee that we are continually evolving and improving.

Through our parent company we are members of:

AIM-Progress. A global sourcing forum for diverse consumer goods manufacturing to improve supply chain practices.

NRSC (Natural Resources Stewardship Circle). A non-profit organisation dedicated to implementing good practices and responsible sourcing in the beauty industry based on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

Jo Malone London offsets carbon emissions from Portugal shipping*

*The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is funding emission reduction projects to offset CO2e emissions as a result of deliveries made from our Jo Malone London Portugal fulfillment center to our consumers' delivery addresses (excludes buy online and pickup in store, and same-day delivery).

Our Packaging Promise

We are ever mindful of our responsibility to package our products in a responsible way in order to help protect our environment and show kindness to our planet. Over 75% of our current packaging is recyclable and we are on a journey to ensure this only improves. While we are aware that what we are doing isn’t good enough yet, we have a goal to ensure our packaging is 75-100% recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable by 2025. Making small changes in hope of making a big impact.


Our Solid Scent Duo Palette is our first refillable product.

Our signature cream and black boxes are recyclable.

Less than 9% of our products by weight are packed in plastic.

We use PET plastic for our resin-based bottles as PET is widely recyclable and a material.

In 2020, in line with our parent company has achieved zero industrial waste-to-landfill for all global manufacturing, distribution and innovation sites.

Through our parent company we are proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), which brings together businesses, educational institutions and government agencies to collectively strengthen and advance the business case for more sustainable packaging.

Our goals:

By 2025 at least 75% of our packaging will be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable.

100% of our forest-based fibre cartons will be FSC certified by 2025, which means they will be made from materials coming from responsibly managed forests.

Our British Roots

We are deeply connected to our British roots; our love for our landscapes and eccentricity of character run through all that we do. For us, there really is no place like home, which is why 97% of our products are made in our home country.

Our Candles are handcrafted in a converted dairy in the rolling South Downs, where each passes through 16 pairs of skilled artisans’ hands and the process is a lesson in artistry and patience.

Our main manufacturing facility is housed in Hampshire where 90% of our products are created. Whitman Laboratories is a purpose-built location that harnesses a megawatt solar PV system that generates 12-14% of the site’s annual electricity requirement (up to 95% during summer months) and contributes to our parent company’s mission to achieve a net zero carbon footprint.

The use of solar energy at this facility in fiscal 2020 generated approximately 830 megawatt hour (MWh) of solar, reducing 490 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually – the equivalent of powering 268 homes in the UK year-round. Since it was installed in October 2017, the system has produced more than 2,000 MWh of clean electricity. For when we like homegrown as much as we do, we endeavour to do our utmost to protect it.

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Our Charity Mission

We are committed to helping to stamp out stigmas, supporting mental health projects and inspirational charities.

Our People & Our Workplace

Nurturing talent and supporting the wellbeing of our teams is important. We strive to create a welcoming workplace that embraces inclusivity.